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May / June 2006:

Poker Pro: Josh Arieh
The Atlanta-based poker pro has earned a reputation of having an attitude at the table, but you can't blame him for his confidence.

by Bradford R. Pilcher

His friends swear he's a nice guy, just working and raising a family with his wife in the suburbs. It's probably true, but at the poker table, Josh Arieh has earned a reputation as a bit of a jerk. It all began with the World Series of Poker in 2004, where Arieh finished third.
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  • During the event, which was televised on ESPN, Arieh committed a serious breach of etiquette when he criticized Harry Demetriou after a hand in which Arieh had hit a lucky flush to survive an all-in hand against Demetriou. Having apologized after the next hand, in which Arieh busted Demetriou out of the tournament, he managed to stoke the fires of controversy later on in the tournament.

    At the final table, after being eliminated by Greg Raymer (who would go on to win the tournament) he shook hands with David Williams (who finished second). Pulling him close, he whispered "bust this motherf---er" in reference to Raymer. A microphone caught the exchange, and it was broadcast on national television. Arieh was officially dubbed a jerk by many spectators of poker.

    Despite the fact that many love to hate him, and despite the fact that Raymer has publically said that Arieh apologized and is forgiven, the young poker talent remains stuck with his reputation. Fortunately, he's also been stuck with considerable success. He's won two WSOP bracelets and finished at the final table of the World Poker Tour once. In total, he's earned over $4 million dollars in his poker career.

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