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The Jewish Radio Mafia: Lois Reitzes

A.K.A.: "The Den Mother"
From: Chicago
Age: 51 years
Been in Radio: 26 years
Heard On: WABE 90.1 FM, "Second Cup Concert"

THAT DISTINCTIVE VOICE: "It's a fluke. When I was breaking into radio, there weren’t many women. I think a lower voice was more desirable, because it sounded more like a man. I can't help it. My brother’s voice was low also," remembers Reitzes. "When he was 3-years-old they took him to the hospital. He was this high to the ground, but it was a man's voice!"

TALK ABOUT A FIRST DATE: She met her husband at a film festival in Chicago where they were screening Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will. "There were members of the Jewish Defense League outside threatening to bomb it, and inside there were uniformed members of the American Nazi Party." How romantic.

WHO’S ELITIST?: "One of the things I appreciate in classical radio is it's become much less formal," says Reitzes. "It used to be the classical radio personality was this lecturer, and now we're more casually just talking. Radio has this accessibility."

RADIO WORSHIP: "Music fulfills a great deal of my spiritual needs," says Reitzes. "My spirituality is formed in very large part by my Jewish heritage, but it’s not necessarily sacred music."
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